Marina- Information Call if interested coming by Boat

Bay Bridge Marina-

Dock master- Will 410-643-3162

*25-30 Slips available for that weekend. First come first served

*Go to

   Click dockwa in top left of page, set reservation

*When set reservation please select special requests and  let them know you are there for the Concert

*Please contact Will with any questions, he is more than happy to answer all questions

Piney Narrow Marina-

Dock master- Kai 410-642-6600

*6-7 Slips available for that weekend.  Please contact Kai


Castle Marina- Donna 410-643-5599

*expecting only a few transient slips available for that weekend and they will not know until July


Safe Harbor- Narrows Point Marina  410-827-8888

*only 6-7 transient slips available and they will not know until July

*Make sure to hit the narrows point Marina, there are over 100 different safe harbors