chris sacks

I am Chris Sacks the creator of the Chris Sacks Band.  I am a full-time (past 10+ years) Maryland based musician.  My role in my band is that of singer/songwriter and ringleader.  I truly love what I do and cannot picture myself doing anything but this.  Trust me when I say, you do not want me working in your office.  It would be a whole lot of fun but, not very productive.

I travel the states in search of barefoot beaches and coastal sunsets!  Some say I have Caribbean sea water that runs through my veins.  I guess that may be true!  After the success of our first CD "Nowhere" we were fortunate enough to produce our second successful CD, "Life, Love & High Tides". 

I have grown up on the beaches in Maryland and was able to learn at a young age to not only appreciate that, but also family, and the laid back lifestyle the two create.  I have been lucky enough in my career, averaging approximately 100 shows a year, to travel throughout the states meeting many interesting people.  Anyway you may view it... this is where my songs come from!  I write about my life experiences and others' stories that were shared with me along the way.  I believe that a musician has to create a picture in the audiences' mind by using their words as the paint on the canvas of the soul.  I write my songs to connect to the audience in a way, that they feel, that they themselves are on their own personal journey or are able to revisit a prior one.  So here's to the next step in our musical venture together!

Big Love!!    Chris